Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I was reading Saturday's a Rugby Day this morning when I got to work (gotta catch up on the important stuff after being away!) and found out I've been added to her "Ruggers Who Blog" sidebar!!! I think it's pretty sweet that something I started because I was bored at work and needed to write out my thoughts is now (somewhat) public...maybe more than 3 people will read my randomness now? ;) Either way, thanks for the link love, Blondie!

In other news, last night I talked to my dad, and after talking aboutTrinidad, he brought up the scary future question ("what are you planning to do after your visa runs out?"). When I told him my tentative plans--work in NY over the summer and through the fall in a position that will get me a TN visa (potentially at a camp or doing research), then go home for most of December/Christmas, then fly to New Zealand for 6 months or so to backpack around and do random jobs and be a vagabond--Dad was surprisingly excited! He said he and Mom wished they had done that kind of thing before they had kids, and then it just got too difficult as we were in school etc. He said that I should definitely go do it while I'm young and not tied down to anything, especially since "NYC and NZ are pretty much the same to us when you're on the other end of a phone call". SCORE! I wasn't looking for permission or anything, but it's nice to have my family be supportive of my random crazy dreams and wanderlust. I love them :)

All in all, it's been a good day so far!

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