Friday, December 21, 2007

Homeward Bound...

On Monday I was informed that while there would be no more layoffs in the immediate future, I (along with 6 others) would be transferred from my department to Real Estate. Um, ok, not exactly anything I have ever expressed interest in...but so far it hasn't been too bad, mainly like school. Lectures & sitting in on conference calls CONSTANTLY. The only real drawback so far is that my email/gchat/blogging/etc time has been seriously cut down :) I don't know how I will like it once I actually start doing stuff, but for now it's just kind of like college again. We shall see how things go...

But now it's time to go sit in on another call to a developer...we have to be very quiet so they don't realize we're all listening, which is tough when some of them start talking about the most random stuff...I'll post about the pigeon whisperer soon!

I can't wait for this afternoon, when I can escape and fly HOME!! and see my family & friends, most of whom I haven't seen since June. Mom & Dad emailed me last night (subject line: "ONE MORE SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"--and I'm not kidding about the number of exclamation points). I love getting those emails :) Can't wait to walk off the plane and wake up to this:

<3 home!

Safe travels to everyone and good luck to anyone else navigating planes, trains and automobiles tonight!

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LL said...

Get home safe! Bring me back some maple syrup and poutine :)