Tuesday, December 11, 2007

800 Santas can't be wrong!

SantaCon 2007 was this past Saturday, and I'd been looking forward to it ever since I read about it on Rachel's blog. It did not disappoint! From the first mob at 10am, to the crazy costume interpretations (Ninja Santa, Pirate Santa, and Alf the Elf were all in attendance), to fun tasks on a photo scavenger hunt*, all the way to the firedancing on the beach on DUMBO, it was a day to remember...I even found a Wonder Woman Santa to match my Super Santa!

It was an awesome time and totally reminded me of C&G pickups--running around in costumes, talking to random people, doing silly things, dancing on a bar, meeting new friends, and keeping the marathon going till 4:30am. I love my life :)

Rachel took tons of awesome pictures and has a great slideshow of the day here.

*buildering in NYC, hanging upside down on the subway car, and clubbing in a costume when it wasn't Halloween can now be crossed off my life list :)

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