Thursday, February 14, 2008

oh v-day...

valentine's day is an interesting concept...on one hand, i can't hate a holiday whose main purpose seems to be excessive amounts of chocolate and those amazing conversation hearts that i am obsessed with for some reason. but on the other, if you're in love, shouldn't you want to show it every day? why does hallmark get a piece of the action?

that's not to say i've never celebrated. i mean, you HAD to send cards to all 30 kids in the class in elementary school. and i've done the nice-dinner-out thing twice, although one doesn't really count. my freshman year, my boyfriend at the time took both me and my friend J out for dinner. the waiters kept asking him to tell them his secrets to getting two dates on v-day!

at this point, i'm pretty happy with my plans for the day. aside from having to go to work, it's good! we held an office plank contest (inspired by some friends) and i lasted for 3:50 and beat the guys, which was fun. after work i have a hot date with some friends--they play in a basketball league, and i will be acting as team assistant manager (short shorts and high socks required). it just occurred to me that i will look somewhat like will ferrell in semi-pro...hopefully this will not be a bad thing! and then we'll be going out and celebrating thursday night, just like in the old days ;)

and as an antidote to the enforced touchy-feely mushfest that so many radio and tv stations fall prey to today, i've been listening to rufus wainwright's instant pleasure all day! (the video is awful but it's all i could find...just listen)

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