Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy Year of the Rat!

In the spirit of Chinese New Year, and because I didn't ever make regular New Year's resolutions, I'm making them now!So, my Chinese New Year's Resolutions will have to be held til next February.

1. I will stop playing with my hair. You all have full permission to slap my hand if you catch me at it!
2. I will make a budget and stick to it.
3. I will beg/borrow/steal and read all the books I've marked as "to-read" on Goodreads. I will read New Zealand fiction.
4. I will hug more.
5. I will bottle up less.
6. I will talk to my family more often, and visit my sister at school.
7. I will solo hike, and I will backpack. I will definitely backpack with Pam, because it's just sad that we've never gone together.
8. I will keep a more regular journal.
9. I will brush up my French.
10. I will plan my grand adventure!
11. I will avoid deportation.
12. I will keep in better touch with friends I don't see all the time.
13. I will run more.
14. I will hold myself to these goals!

I think that's enough for now. Happy New Year!

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