Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's Poppin'

Apparently I did something wrong on shoulder day of my Colgan workout last week, because all weekend my back felt like hell and I spent half of Monday on the floor under my desk, rolling on a tennis ball to try to get the knot out. This is also how I watched the Superbowl...except that on that floor, I got to play with a bunny too! So Tuesday morning was spent with Dr B and her magic hands. She manipulated my spine back in line and it was poppin' like Lil Mama's lip gloss (I am totally addicted to that song). For serious, it sounded like a bag of microwave popcorn was going off somewhere between my shoulder blades! So now I'm relying on ice, anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants to get the muscle spasm to favourite threesome :)

As Dr B pointed out, alcohol is a marvelous muscle relaxant, which was probably why I felt fine at our rugby banquet on Friday night. It was so much fun to hang out with the club and see people I hadn't seen since our team meeting in December or the new year's day football game! Karaoke-ing till 3:30am was pretty ridiculous too; KB and I decided to act as backup singers & dancers for many many people and were totally shocked when the lights went on and the music was turned off--apparently it was time to go home? It was definitely a night I won't forget for so many reasons, but especially because I was so honoured to be named rookie of the year. I've never gotten any award for rugby (aside from those of the paper-plate variety), and to receive one from this incredible team means so much to me. I got teary, and I am not normally a crier. This team is so welcoming and I'm so happy to be a part of it. I can't wait for the spring season to start so I can see everyone more often!

Saturday night Alyssa hosted a "High School Party" where we all dressed in what we wore in high school and rocked out to 90s/high school classics. Full disclosure: I do have a boy band station on pandora :) It was hilarious to sing the songs & artists that were huge during those years...remember "the boy is mine," "say my name," kc & jojo, savage garden, "no scrubs," and britney back in the good old days? I rocked the messy pigtail buns (complete with the two little face-framing strands of hair in front, naturally) and tons of glitter. Remember glitter? Glitter was great...

And now it's mid-week and Lent has started. I was lame and stayed at home on my couch on Mardi Gras for the first time, but I had a bag of frozen corn ace-wrapped to my back so I think it was the right choice! This year I decided to get control of my sweet tooth. It's really been getting out of control--the top drawer of my desk is full of nothing but candy & chocolate. So I'm not going to eat those things, or ice cream, cake, etc, for the duration of lent. It will be hard, especially with valentine's day coming (how I love those little hearts!) but I will do it.

It was actually inspired by something my best friend 80 and I did when we were about 14; we stopped eating all food we deemed "junk" for an entire year. Candy, pop, cake, pie, ice cream, chips, all the good stuff--we just quit cold turkey. It was difficult at first, but soon became much easier than I had thought. I think the only thing we caved on was eating cake on our birthdays; some things you just can't turn down! Some of it even became a longer-term habit--I didn't start drinking pop again until I started needing mixers ;) So we'll see how I fare this time...

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