Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Welcome to the Jungle

So, after weeks of entertaining myself by reading other people's blogs, I've decided to start my own. Thanks for the inspiration, Lee, Fatty, Katie Mac, & Blondie! (Ooh links! Those are my webmaster skillz coming back into play :) )

It's going to be a random, random, experiment, but hey, so is my life right now. Hence the title--everything is in flux. But life wouldn't be fun without it, so I'm enjoying the ride! Hopefully articulating things onto this blog will help me be less indecisive and less prone to overanalysis...or not, we'll see. At least it will help me keep in touch with people I don't talk to enough for various reasons, and keep me entertained on slow days at work ;)


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rachel said...

welcome to blogland!