Thursday, October 25, 2007


Yesterday was busy so I didn't get a chance to post about this, but...On Tuesday night at practice, they announced the Senior Squad for the Sweet 16 in Austin this weekend, and I made the list!!!!!!!!!!!


Maybe I'm getting a little over-excited, since I most likely won't play (although they've arranged a Developmental game against Texas A&M on Saturday afternoon, which is awesome), but I can't help it and I'm psyched just to be there. I just never thought I'd play rugby after college, especially not with the legendary NYRC, so to be on the list for the Sweet 16 game is pretty much a dream. Thank goodness Jenni convinced me that the best thing I could do with that particular weekend was to go to Saranac!

I'm trying to listen to calming music--thanks to Jules for letting me steal it all!--in order to not be bouncing all over my cubicle, but it's not as effective as I thought it might be. Apparently Mat Kearney and Joshua Radin and Ben Harper are not enough to dampen my thoughts of sunny 78-degree Austin :)

Sooo the 3 hour meeting I'm about to have will probably be pretty interesting, seeing as I am still pretty wired and now also have Blake Shelton's song "Austin" stuck in my head...

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